Homeschooling is not about sitting at the kitchen table with a pile of textbooks all day, recreating school in the isolation of the home.  It is about getting out and about. It is about opening to possibilities, finding learning opportunities around every corner, exploring the world with open eyes and minds, trying new things, going new places, meeting new people. It is a veritable kaleidoscope of experiences that provide a unique educational path for every child--and parent.  You can find or create anything you want, and have a blast doing it." - Shay Seaborne   Why We Chose to Homeschool My Advice to Those New to Homeschooling . Fun Online Collaborative Projects There are some great free online group projects out there on the Internet that we've done in the past and some that we are signed up to do now for the first time. --eIditarod, Westward Ho, Tomatosphere, Journey North, Flat Stanley, Monster Exchange, Trucker Buddies, and the list goes on and on. Coachella Valley Wild Bird Center Today the kids and I decided to check out the Coachella Wild Bird Center. We have had a love obsession with large birds of prey ever since visiting our first birds of prey rehabilitation center years ago. They're so awesome! The owls and vultures are our favorites!!   Toad Haven Homeschool Toad Haven Homeschool © Toad Haven Homeschool 2011    Science     Math      History  Reading/Writing   Art & Music  Geography Volunteering at the Salvation Army This morning we helped the Salvation Army's Operation Smile Saver Program by helping package 1200 gift bags with new dental supplies and new school supplies. These bags, along with new school uniforms and a gift for each student will be provided to the complete student body of two elementary schools in the east valley. Awesome!   I Kid TV Show Filming Yesterday we drove to Los Angeles because we had tickets to be audience members for a new TV show called I Kid starring Brad Garrett.  We thought we were just going to audience members, we were completely surprised when we ended up being extras in the actual show.  So fun!!! Our Trip to Hawk’s Cay in the Florida Keys We just returned from an awesome trip to Duck Key Island in the Florida Keys.  We’ve never been to the Keys before and were lucky enough to get to tag along with my husband on a business trip!  Woo-Hoo!!!! Sea Turtle Hospital We had the opportunity to tour the Turtle Hospital in Marathon, Florida.  It was so awesome!  We loved, loved, loved visiting those giant sea turtles! Key West, Florida Our day trip to Key West.  Gatorland What a fun place! Epcot Yay!  We got to go to Epcot!  I’ve loved that place since I first got to visit it when I was in high school.  Love all the multi-culturalism there.